I recently caught ‘Split’, after seeing it mentioned way too many times on Twitter. In case you didn’t already know what its about, the film follows ‘Kevin’, a guy who suffers from disassociative identity disorder (DID), or in layman’s terms, split personality.

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Spoilers ahead!

If you asked me, I’d say that the movie was slightly disappointing, mostly because of how hyped I was after watching the trailer.

The single greatest thing about the movie was so outstanding that it absolutely lifted the whole movie to become one of the best performances I have ever seen; and that is James McAvoy.

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It was hard to get the image of Professor X out of my head and throughout the movie, I was half-expecting him to do that thing where he puts two fingers to his forehead and start reading my thoughts. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

‘The Beast’, the secret 24th identity manifested within the body, was out to get rid of and eat the ‘impure’ or people who had never in their life faced hardship, which in the case of the movie, were the three girls. But in all honesty, the three girls were not very likable, so I can’t say I was fully rooting for them. The traumatized backstory of Casey was unnecessarily long-winded yet vague. The ‘impurity’ of the other two girls were not well-explored either. Apart from hitting Dennis on the back with a chair, using a high heel to break through the drywall on the ceiling, the female characters did not really try to escape. Rather, they were portrayed weak and helpless. In fact, the part of the story where the girls were trapped in their individual rooms wasn’t shown very much.

Dr. Fletcher, Kevin’s psychologist, died a very undignified death. She eventually finds out that her negligence made her miss the signs that something deeper is happening with Kevin and decides to explore the house by herself. Bad choice, she should definitely have brought some backup.

The ending felt a little shoddy. Casey, the last remaining girl was found, purely accidentally, by one of Kevin’s co-workers, which makes you wonder if he hadn’t been smoking or eating at work, would Casey even have been rescued?

Overall, the movie is worth a watch. It wasn’t amazing to me, but it was a story surrounding an interesting concept and James McAvoy (I cannot stress this enough) was groundbreaking. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

Click below for the trailer! It’s chilling.

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