Okay. I’m back.

I have no idea why but I completely lost the momentum / motivation to do any sort of writing right about my last post. I wasn’t even that busy. But a lot has changed in the past 8 (?) months so here’s a catch-up post + my current plan for the subsequent posts I am totally motivated in writing.

(I’m going to try, okay, but no promises)

Enlisting into the Army.

With my section during our first book out

Probably the biggest thing; I enlisted into the Army on Halloween 2016. It was something I knew was coming; as with every Singaporean teenager, but definitely not something I think about, want to think about or dared to think about. I was really nervous and afraid to enlist, but now that I’ve been here for slightly over three months, gotta admit my worries were terribly redundant. It is.. honestly, not as bad as I had envisioned.

Obviously, if given a choice between this and going to university / working, I’d instinctively pick the latter. But at this point, I am still unsure of what I’d like to do for the future. What field to work in, what courses to take in university, etc; so maybe this two years will do me good and help me to figure things out. I hope so, at least.

Actually, now that I think about it, I kind of know why I stopped back in June. About two weeks after my last post, my enlistment letter came. Additionally, my external monitor broke down so all work efficiency just went downhill.

Well, after about seven weeks in the Army, I fell terribly ill and was out for a whole week. I had really high fevers that didn’t go away, so I was half-expecting an imminent death. Long story short, I went to the hospital, thinking I had dengue or something, only to find out I had contracted pneumonia, which is a sort of lung infection. And after that, everything just kind of made sense, the bloody flu (by that I mean, blowing my nose and having lots of blood come out along with the mucus) and the burning sensation in my lungs and throat when I coughed (which was a lot). So, I was put out of training by the Army and to be posted to somewhere with less strenuous activity for the time being.

So, now I’m kind of doing administrative / clerical work at one of the camps and it’s going well so far. More updates to come as my army life progresses lol.



Went to Thailand for a long weekend in September and I went absolutely crazy shopping and drinking thai tea. I drank approximately 14 cups from Thursday to Sunday evening, and I actually took a break and switched to coconut juice one of the days cause I was falling sick.

Went to Thailand with the family, which I was kind of worried about, but it turned out fine-ish so that’s great. But if you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’d know that that place is like a shopper’s paradise. I am a huge shopper, I spend more time than I realize looking at things to buy online. Thankfully, I have amazing self control no money most of the time so I don’t end up buying most of the things I want, though I do add them into my cart and (figuratively) cry about it for a few minutes. Okay, maybe longer than that.

I digress; but Thailand is filled with lots of items that are cheap and actually quite nice-looking! I bought a bunch of cool (well, to me they are) all over shirts, and overalls, shoes and way too much food and I still had a lot of money left over.

Okay, actually, I’ll write a Thailand post. I wanna post photos of all the foods and clothes I bought but it’d make this post way too long. Thailand post out soon.

Gavin James

Gavin James *heart shape eyes*

Being me, I managed to catch a few concerts in the past months. Now one of my favourite singers, I managed to catch Gavin James at a FREE live gig in September! His song “Book of Love” was one of the Spotify advertisements back when I was still using Spotify (have swtiched to Apple Music now) and I went to check out the whole album and I loved it! But I only checked it out like about three weeks before the show so I didn’t fully appreciate it yet.

He was REALLY good live and I am so happy I managed to see him. Even after the show, I had his album on loop and was so in love with it lol. Ergh crazy talent. In fact, I listened to his album a lot when I enlisted and it got me through a lot of exhausting days.


Tickets to the F1 shows were insanely expensive but I’d say it was worth it. I went for 2/3 of the days and spent about $370 on tickets, which is a lot for an unemployed little boy waiting to enlist. But in my head, I honestly could not bear to miss it as the line up was pretty awesome.

Bastille + Queen

I quite liked Bastille’s new album so I decided to go, just for Bastille. Dan was very cute as he danced while singing. I don’t watch many live videos of them so I never noticed it. His voice was very powerful and boomed across the whole arena, for a lack of a better description.

Queen was, well, was not a Queen fan as they were not a band from my generation, but I knew many songs because of how famous Queen is + glee covered many of their songs. Queen is a legendary band so I figured, meh why not watch them too. I’m sure they will be nice to watch.

And oh boy was I wrong, they were phenomenal. The crowd was filled with many old people; no surprise there. But I talked to many of them and many of them were long time fans who said they’ve been waiting literally 40 years to catch Queen in Singapore. It was their first time in Singapore ever, which made it even more unbelievable that I was there to catch them live.

About 3/4 into the show I began to feel really sick and I think I was close to fainting. I couldn’t breathe and my head was spinning so I just sat on the ground and fanned myself. It was the first time I’ve ever felt that way, probably because I didn’t eat much that day. Then after the show I drank two bottles of coke and faced a second near-death in one night because empty stomach + acidic coke = stupid. So, yeah that was fun, kinda. Lesson learnt lol.

Halsey + Imagine Dragons

I was smart on the second day and snuck food in lol (can’t afford $10 burritos mate) so I did not feel sick on this day. Halsey was super pretty in real life and she sang really well live too. Her voice was so powerful I was blown away.

Imagine Dragons was also not a band I was particularly crazy about but I did like both their albums and loved a few songs so I figured ok I will go watch them and OH BOY was i wrong again. They were amazing live. They were radiating passion, honestly, and it was an inspiring experience to see them perform.

All in all, a great experience. Man, I love concerts and live music. I also went to Gentle Bones + Linying with Weiyan in June but there isn’t much to post about. It was cheap though and they were both great live so it was still a good concert!


I haven’t been baking or cooking that much but the only special thing I baked was mooncake! I got very inspired to bake mooncakes which was the WORST idea of my life because they were so hard to make! The dough was really soft and brittle, and the fillings had weird consistencies. Man, I initially thought they’d be manageable but I think this is the first time I concede defeat to a recipe. They look okay but some tasted weird and some exploded. And they took way too much time to make. Maybe I’ll attempt them again one day when I am much older, like for my kids or something but for now, I am done.

Future Posts

Just off the top of my head, I’m thinking that I’ll be posting some of my creative / fiction writing on here. Mentioned in one of my previous posts that I want to have a published book one day, so what better a time than now to practice, right? Besides that, I’ll be writing some entertainment pieces: reviews, lists about shows, books, anime, manga, movies, music, whatever. Then it’ll just be general updates about my everyday life, talk about some issues, some recipes and just ramblings from inside my head.

That’s all I have for now. This was a pretty long post lol. Bye!


#nowplaying | Neptune – Rusty Clanton (Sleeping at Last cover) 
Insane tune and awesome cover damn.


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