My Bucket List


I’ve decided to start a bucket list. If you didn’t already know, a bucket list is a list of things, goals, experiences that you want to do, complete, achieve or experience before you “kick the bucket”, or die. Okay, so here goes!

  1. Visit all the Disneylands in the world at least once.

As of now, there is only six, so it isn’t actually that hard a feat, though by the time I make it to visit all six, there might be more. But ahh I love Disneyland. I have only been to Tokyo Disneyland so far but I was young then and ignorant so I didn’t fully enjoy it. Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of Disneyland videos and seeing photos of people in Disneyland and I just really want to Disney everywhere now.

Pre-teen me at Tokyo Disneyland. 
  1. Work in a huge media / entertainment company

I’ll probably be working in marketing seeing how I am not very good at the media stuff haha but currently, I have my eyes set on Disney/Pixar (no surprise there), Marvel or SourceFed. I’ve always loved the X-Men and grew up watching the X-Men and Spiderman cartoons. I really need to read the comics and I would if they were more accessible but I think it’ll be a great place to work at. But recently, I got really into SourceFed again. I used to watch them a little long time ago but didn’t really get it because I was young. Now that I am older and more knowledgeable about my interests, I find that I really like a lot of the stuff they cover: anime, books, movies, TV shows. So I think it’ll be realy cool to work there.

  1. Adopt a kid.

If you know me, you’ll know that I really love kids and joke about wanting 10 kids. In an idea world, I would want 10 kids but unfortunately obviously it’s not very possible and will probably really hurt someone’s body. So I’d like to adopt kids someday; giving someone who may not be as lucky a happy and loving home.

  1. Write a book

I love stories; be it in movies, shows, books, etc. I loved reading when I was younger so it would be very cool to write a book one day. I am hoping I would be able to write a fiction book and a cookbook one day.

  1. Own a bakery

There was a time I was especially determined about this and even wrote a whole domination plan and even planned out a menu haha. But I love baking and would love to one day have food as a career.

I will be expanding this list soon because I definitely have a few more which I need to think of. I’m so excited and motivated to start ticking things off this list now hehe. Okay, till next time!


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