Top 20 ‘Glee’ Covers

Hello y’all.

Okay so if you knew me in my earlier teens, it is no secret that I was a huge fan of glee. I was obsessed, too obsessed. It was definitely unhealthy but I loved that show so much lol it was like my life. I can already hear you going “huh yeah I guess but the show went downhill after season 3” to which I’d say I agree but nonetheless, I still loved the show.

Anyway, because of how much I watched and re-watched the show, it shaped me a fair bit as a person. It was one of the first few shows that nurtured my love for music and simply, it was a stay woke show, it talked a lot about societal issues that many others shunned: homosexuality, social hierarchies, school shootings, death, discrimination of the arts, racism, etc, so I learnt a lot about life through there and it helped me gain a broader perspective on many matters.

I digress. But somewhere around end March this year, the show celebrated its one-year anniversary since it ended, which inspired me to re-watch all six seasons again. Glee, by its very essence, isn’t just a drama; there was music, as we all know. In fact, the show covered over 700 songs. (wow that’s many) Most were good, some were bad but some were great. And so today, I will be talking about the great ones, my favourites. Now, this will just be about the music, I will not be talking about the scenes the songs are linked to because that would make the list biased to an extent. Okay, here we goooo. (in no particular order)

  1. Alone

Kristin Chewoneth and Matthew Morrison’s epic spin on a classic; I don’t even skip it when it comes on, till now. (I always got by on my own) (reference purely accidental)

  1. Halo / Walking on Sunshine

This makes the list just for the high note belt at the end.

  1. Sweet Caroline

Charming, lovely and happy.

  1. Defying Gravity

It would be a surprise for this not to make the list. I love it.

  1. Bad Romance

We finally get to hear Naya Rivera sing here and she is amazing.

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody

Jonathan Groff is one of my favourite voices ever. So his solo cover for glee quite easily makes it on the list. Many have covered this song but his is one of the best, tooooo meeee. (reference not intended again, can’t help it)

  1. Dream On

Okay this song is hard enough to sing. I’ve seen so many people fail it but Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrison nailed it.

  1. Valerie

I worshipped Naya at one point. Still do. She is so crazy talented and pretty as a peach.

  1. Listen

Anyone who nails a Beyonce song gets to make it on my list.

  1. Telephone

Loved the harmony on this; pity it got cut in the episode.

  1. Forget You

Unpopular opinion probably, but I thoroughly preferred Gwyneth Paltrow’s cover to Cee Lo Green’s original.

  1. Don’t You Want Me

Darren Criss and Lea Michele are definitely two of the best vocalists on the show so their duet was unsurprisingly mind-blowing.

  1. All Out of Love

This is on here because I loved Billy Lewis Jr (Mason) on this. I don’t know where he disappeared to but I need more of him in my life.

  1. Marry The Night

Adam Lambert singing Lady Gaga? I am DOWN.

  1. Chasing Pavements

Melissa Benoist did this so much justice.

  1. Go Your Own Way

It was hard not putting every Lea Michele cover on the list because she just has a voice that makes everything sound better, but this is one where I can strongly say, was better than the original.

  1. Rumour Has It / Someone Like You

This mashup was gold. It was a hit then and it’s still a hit on my iTunes now.

  1. It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

Celine Dion is a legend and we finally got to hear Lea Michele cover her and she did not disappoint. She embodied all the emotions present in the original and met our extremely high expectations.

  1. Turning Tables

One word: awesome.

  1. Your Song

There are many underrated members of the glee cast, and Blake Jenner is one of them. “Your Song” is one of those songs that sound really easy to cover but I’ve not seen many good ones. This, however, was a great cover of the Elton John hit.

I don’t know why I penned this, probably as a form of closure to this awesome show (which I forgot to have last year because I was busy with school or something) but writing this really made me quite emotional and made me want to watch the show all over again but I have self-control and shall not.

Hahahaha okay bye.


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