Animal Resort

Hey guys!!

I went to the animal resort that day with my friend Whitney. I saw a post on The Smart Local that named it a kampung zoo, and well, that was not inaccurate.

Doesn’t it look like a kampung?

I was quite excited because being the pretentious hipster I aspire to be, I liked vintage things and also they had ducks, which if you know me, is one of my favorite animals. Also, it was free so, I had nothing to lose.

Anyway, getting there is one of the most tiresome experiences ever. We took a bus that was supposed to bring us to a bus stop that was less than a km away from the place. But when we alighted, we saw that the walk there was actually quite insane so we took a cab (as per recommended by TSL) but even the cab couldn’t find the place. Thank goodness for my, fine, our superb navigational skills, we managed to find a place, which was a 30min walk from the bus stop. (After talking to the Auntie manning the place, she told us the road our cab took was the old road, which has been closed off now. So, take the new road if you’re planning to head down there.)

The Animal Resort was started up to provide the experiences of Singapore back in the days, where kampungs (or villages) were aplenty and everyone had animals running around pretty much in their backyard. It is a pity that such sights are quite a rarity these days, so it is nice to see such places still exist. This nostalgic spot is a great place for your kids to interact with animals and experience what olden Singapore was like.

Admission is free and there is feed for sale. They all go at 3 for $2, with the exception of the horse hay, which is $1. I got the stale bread, fish food and rabbit/guinea pig food.

Ducks waddling in the pond.

There were many birds and the moment they notice you have food in your hand, they will make their way towards you.  You are encouraged to feed them off your hands, which can be quite scary at first but the animals are all really gentle and won’t hurt you.

Feeding a duck.
Feeding the rabbits.
Screen shot 2016-03-30 at PM 11.10.13
A fierce looking Cassowary
Pin Number, the horse

This might actually be the first time I’ve seen a horse up close, which I didn’t realize till I was well, close up to the horse. There is a sign at the side that says to be careful as he will bite but he was very friendly and allowed us to pet him so it was fine, actually.

Ducks running away from me.

I had initially planned to carry a duck but they kept running away..

Gesse waddling away

Nearing the end, a herd of geese came out from hiding, out of nowhere, made loud noises and walked all over the place.

A marabou stork
A peacock showing off his feathers.

I realize now that the place consists of mostly birds, but I didn’t manage to snap a picture of all the animals. There were also cute little quails but they weren’t very active when I went. I also read that there’s a crown crane but I didn’t manage to chance upon it.

All in all, it was quite a fun experience. Do check it out if you have time. The place isn’t huge so you should be done in an hour or two.

Address: 81 Seletar West Farmway 5 S(798061)
Tel: 6482 1160 / 9127 1323
Admission: Free
Opening Hours: 10am-6pm daily (except CNY Eve & CNY)


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